Christmas Edition Eco-Friendly Sustainable iPhone case

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Size: iPhone 11 Pro Max
Enhance your phone with the most precise Eco-Friendly Anti-shock protection case ever made. Limited time Christmas edition design is available to makes it the ultimate case to style and protect your phone. Made from 100% plant-based and non-toxic materials.
Anacotte Eco-friendly phone case have done the biodegradability tests from the following standards: ASTM D6868, ASTM D5511, ISO 14593, ISO 11734, OECD 301B, OECD 301D, OECD 302B, OECD 306, OECD 310, OECD 311.
100% Degradability: Sustainable does not stand for fully sustainable. Anacotte Cases can be degraded into water, organic fertilizer within 180 days.