100% tested biodegradable Phone Case

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Are you looking for a phone case that's as beautiful and durable as it is eco-friendly?

Anacotte phone cases are made from 100% biodegradable materials. Every case is made with natural, renewable resources like wood pulp, paper pulp and linen—so they can be thrown into your backyard compost pile or paper shredder after they've served their time protecting your phone.

Eco Friendly

We’re proud to introduce our first series of eco-friendly and sustainable phone case, Anacotte. This phone case is the first of its kind, made from 100% fully biodegradable materials and engineered to degrade in as little as 45 days, breaking down into elements that are available to be used by plants and animals.

We aim to take an action to our planet by protecting the environment and cultivating a waste-free culture.

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Biodegrading Formula

A Biodegradable Phone Case designed to protect your phone while leaving no toxic residue behind. Designed with 100% biodegradable materials, most commonly PLA + PBAT + PBS. Anacotte cases will biodegrade and leave no toxic residue when disposed of in an appropriate compost environment.