Summer Arival

It's Time to Cool Your Phone

A Phone Case that drops 30 degrees in 8 seconds

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Revolutionary Cooling

If you’re looking for a way to keep your phone cool while playing video games or watch movies, then you’re going to love the Anacotté Cooling Phone Case! This phone case helps not only protect your phone from damage but can also keep it cool.


Cooling + Magsafe

Your phone gets hot when you're streaming or playing games or even just using your apps? This can cause phone burnout, which means you need a cooling case so it stays as cool as possible!


RGB Turbo Cooler

Robust cooling performance with a LED displaying of real time temperature. At least 54% cooler than before!

Designed for Your Comfort

Cool Your phone Down

In stead of cooling a portion of your phone, we have been tested and guaranteed to make sure that every part of the phone and even your hands are cooled.

Made to Protect

Our phone cases are made up by graphene and aluminum thermal conductive plate which ensures the best quality of cooling and protection.


Our turbocharged phone cooler will deliver extra cooling capabilities(Separated Purchase)