We Care

It is a goal for us safely co-exist on planet Earth

Maximium Effort

We are greatly concerned with the negative sustainable impact created in the industry and we are continuing to explore more sustainable materials, save more overused materials, reduce more carbon emission, and develop new technologies to minimize the impact.

We Do

We aim to achieve utilization of limited resources. Advance the use of substances and raw materials to reduce negative environment impacts.

Recycled Microfiber and TPU

We now apply recycled ultra fine microfibers and TPUs on our products. TPU is eco-friendly than most other plastics. Our improved TPU is made with renewable materials(content ranging from approximately 30%–70%). It is recyclable and biodegradable in 3-5 years. By doing that, we are reducing the petroleum usage and helping to minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Direct Spinning Production

Instead of the most common composite prudction method by extracting via organic solvents, which are containing the unsustainable substances such as trichloroethylene*, we use innovative direct spinning method to manufacture our products such as phone cases for the purpose of eliminating unsustainable substances.

We Display

Packaging wastes have been a big concern from us. We apply the best possible sustainable strategy to improve our packaging

Sustainable product, sustainable packaging

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