Liquid Glass Series with Lens Protection Phone Case fits P50, Honor, and Mate

Color: Green
Size: Huawei P30
Color: Liquid Glass-Blue Gray, Liquid Glass-Grass Purple, Liquid Glass-Pure White, Liquid Glass-Girl Pink, Liquid Glass-Dark Night Green, Liquid Glass-Classic Black, Liquid Glass-Hawthorn Red

Applicable models: Huawei P30, Huawei P30pro, Huawei P40, Huawei P40pro, Huawei P40pro+, Huawei P50, Huawei P50pro, Huawei mate30, Huawei mate30pro, Huawei mate40, Huawei mate40pro, Huawei mate40pro+, Huawei nova7, Huawei nova7pro, Huawei nova7se, Huawei nova8 /V40 Light Luxury Edition, Huawei nova8se, Huawei nova8pro, Honor 50, Honor 50pro, Honor 50se, Honor X20se, Honor X20/X20Pro, Honor Magic3, Honor Magic3 Pro, Honor X30, Honor 60, Honor 60Pro, Honor 60se