Hanging neck fan usb small fan portable mini portable outdoor silent lazy hanging neck big wind bladeless fan

Prix de vente€28,95
Color: White(F14) 2000mAh
Power mode: USB
Size: 8
Product features: mute
Noise: Below 36dB
Rated voltage: 5
Rated power: 10
Rated frequency: 5
Brand: new step
Applicable area: 1
Air supply method: no page turning and no shaking
Wind speed gear: 3 gears
Operation mode: mechanical
Whether to support charging: Yes
Fall and stop: not supported
Whether to turn the page fan: No
Gross Weight: 356
Packing volume: 8
Color: White(F14) 2000mAh, White(F14) 4000mAh, White(F15) 2000mAh, Blue(F15) 2000mAh, White(F15) 4000mAh, Blue(F15) 4000mAh An, White (F16), Blue (F16), Pink (F16), Pink F14 (2000mAh)

Whether cross-border export special source: No
Whether the built-in battery: built-in battery
Built-in battery capacity: 1000mAh-1200mAh
Function: strong wind
Motor type: brushed motor
Number of fan blades: no fan blades
Shell process: spraying (UV paint, rubber paint, metallic paint, piano paint, pearl powder)
Product Certification: Quality Inspection Report
Size: 8
Battery life: 1-3 hours
Fan classification: hanging neck fan