Anacotte Water-Resistant Quick-Drying Mascara

Precio de oferta$20.00
Formula: Black Mascara

Water-Resistant Mascara - Lightweight, Smooth, and Quick-Drying

Anacotte premium water-resistant mascara that offers lightweight and smooth application, perfect for defining each lash with precision. Our product is specifically designed with a blend of natural and synthetic polymers and waxes, which work together to provide your lashes with extra length and hold for an extended period.

Our creamy, full-bodied formula strikes the perfect balance between wet and dry, allowing for just the right amount of pull and smooth gliding through the lashes. You can say goodbye to smudging and flaking with our fast-drying formula that ensures your lashes stay in place all day.

Our unique paraben-free, Vitamin E infused formula provides your eyelashes with natural vitamins and nutrients to help keep them hydrated and healthy. Our mascara is formulated to give your lashes a soft and natural feel while still delivering a beautiful, dramatic look.

Our mascara wand has been designed for optimal use, making it easy to separate and coat each lash with precision. Wiggle the wand at the root of your lashes to ensure even coverage and use the brush's point to add length and definition to every last lash.

Our product comes in a convenient net weight of 0.27oz / 8ml, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. Try our water-resistant mascara today, and get ready to transform your lashes into beautiful, long-lasting masterpieces!

  • Water-resistant mascara that's still quick-to-dry.
  • Infused with Vitamine E to provide helpful moisturization to the eyelashes during application.