Metal Frame Case for Samsung s22

Precio de oferta£24.00
Color: Blue
Size: Samsung S22u

Compatible with Samsung.

Our Cross-border Metal Frame Case is made of high-quality special metal materials. The CD pattern metal protective cover design effectively protects the phone lens and prevents scratches in daily use. And does not affect the wireless charging and signal of the mobile phone.

The metal back plate and frame, protection, and comfort coexist, only for you to create a better self. Protect your phone from shocks, bumps, and drops, shockproof and drop-proof. The metal back plate has a beautiful and long-lasting color and is not easy to turn yellow or change color. Long-term use is like new, no need to replace the shell frequently. And it has a strong anti-fingerprint and anti-greasy effect.

Precise cutting and port design. Easy to install and remove, easy to press all buttons, and has responsive button covers that won't damage or scratch the phone body. Compatible with Samsung, it is thin and toxic, and it feels better. The protection is in place while being light and thin, abandoning heavy and heavy, and restoring the authenticity.


  • Easy to press all buttons.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Beautiful and long-lasting color.
  • No need to replace the shell frequently.
  • Has a strong anti-fingerprint and anti-greasy effect.


  • Style: Frame
  • Style: Luxury
  • Material: Metal
  • Applicable Brand: Samsung