Biodegradable Frosted Oil Painting Phone Case

Precio de oferta£32.00
Style: Purple
Size: iPhone 12

Do you want to support your favorite cause with a stylish and affordable cell phone case?

Biodegradable Frosted Oil Painting Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 12 is made with sustainable, biodegradable materials that help protect the environment. The oil painting design adds a stylish flair while keeping your phone safe from everyday wear and tear. This case collection is made out of biodegradable materials, so when you're through with them, you can return them to nature.

The Frosted Oil Painting Phone Case is unique and the case for our customers to protect their phones. We take quality very seriously, so all of our biodegradable products have been tested by TÜV biodegradability testing.


  • 100% biodegradable

  • Drop protection: 10ft (3m)

  • Increased camera protection

  • MagSafe charger compatible

  • Exclusive design created with premium frosted oil painting