Anacotte Maelus Air Flow Cooling Phone Case

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Size: iPhone 13
Color: gray
Anacotte Maelus Air Flow Cooling Phone Case, a two layered phone case that cools your phone while works seamless with MagSafe accessories. The passive cooling line features cases with dual-layer cooling technology originally developed at MIT: a layer of water-based hydrogel that draws heat away from the phone followed by a layer
of aerogel that quickly dissipates this heat. According to the research, the two layered material could reduce upto 12.6 °F. The hydrogel consists of 97 percent of water and evaporates the heat. When the moisture is gone from the hydrogel the material can then be recharged with water so the cycle can begin again. Anacotte also stepped into multiple cooling strategies in the form of passive cooling phone cases that may be combined to c
ool the phone through the evaporation of water particle when heated, carrying out the heat from the device.
  • Two layered material that could reduce Upto 12.6 °F.
  • Non toxic Polyurethane
  • Magsafe® Compatible
  • Custom formulated side bumpers that provide extra drop-protection and impact absorb capabilities
  • Maelus has a lightweight design strcture, which offers reliable protection without adding bulks.