Anacotte suede handcraft phone case

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Color: black

Our deluxe limited collection of iPhone cases from premium suede has been released due to the increasing demand from our customers with the need of luxury made phone cases.

Each Anacotte's suede iPhone 11 Pro Max Case is custom-made and hand-inspected from corner to corner. Our suede series phone cases are made to be top notch with its super soft comfort. We source the best possible material treated with in-house production to ensure that every single suede case meets its standard.


  • Luxury and Unique: Suede is a super soft material that can easily be found on those luxury cars like Porsche, Lamborghini. On top of the formulation we have, Anacotte's suede cases are coated with Anti-scratch and drop protection.
  • Convenient and Slim: We make sure that each of our cases fits your iPhone 11 Pro Max perfectly. Precisely making sure that its easy to be installed on your phone.
  •  ⭐Anti-fingerprint: No greasy fingerprints or stain will stick on suede because of its non-porous structure. It is scratch resistant and shock-absorbent.
  • Magsafe Charging - Wireless charging that comes with magsafe.
  • Feels like in a luxury car -  Yes! we bring that luxury experience to your routine. Deluxe, not just a word-of-mouth.