Anacotte C1 Silent Hanging Neck Fan

Sale price$44.00
Color: WS31 [white] 2000 mAh

The unique concept of the Anacotte C1 Silent Hanging Neck Fan is inspired by earphones. It only needs to be hung around the neck to free your hands, and it looks so cool & fancy. With a decentralized annular air outlet, you can feel cool breeze in any directions, perfectly to eases all the sultry heat.

  • Release your hands anytime, anywhere, by simply letting the Anacotte C1 Silent Hanaging Neck Fan bringing the cool air.
  • Unique fashion style makes you look cool.
  • Beat the heat by instantly adjust the appropriate
  • 360 adjustable degrees enables strong breezing effect.
  • Whether you are at work or shopping, it is enough to bring you a smooth journey.