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10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Phone Case

How to pick the perfect phone case depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a phone case. There are many different types and styles of phone cases available so take some time to think ...

Dropped my PhoneDropped phone

I’ve Dropped My Phone: Tips, Prevention, Hacks

Join our experts in shockproof and protective phone cases here at to find out our best tips and hacks to keep your phone in great shape.

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Three small methods to refresh the phone case and turn it into a new case in seconds

No matter how dirty and yellow the phone case is, use these three small approaches to clean the phone case and turn it into a new case in seconds

Anti-bacterialAnacotte Anti-microbial Phone Case

Anacotte Anti-microbial Phone Case

Anti-microbial Phone Case Hygiene matters Studies show that we check our phones on average 221 times per day and touch our faces 16 times an hour. That adds up to about 2,617 touches of your face i...