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10 Ways To Pick The Perfect Phone Case

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With over 6,000 million users of smartphones across the US according to recent stata marketing studies, it's little wonder many of us are wondering how to pick the perfect phone case.

We all know that feeling of holding a new phone in our hands and wanting to keep it looking nice for as long as possible.

But with all of the different materials, colors, and designs, how do you choose the case that's right for you and your phone?

There's not much here we don't know about phone cases! so join our experts to discover more about how you can make sure you get the right case for all your needs.

So let's dive straight in and find out some of the main things to consider before you buy the perfect phone case.

What type of phone case do you need?

There are a variety of phone cases available on the market, from simple plastic shells to more complex designs. If you're looking for something that's both stylish and functional, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here's a quick overview of some of the best types of phone cases available

Heavy-duty cases: These cases are made from materials like metal or Kevlar and can offer serious protection from drops and other impacts. They're often bulky, though, so they're not ideal if you're looking for a slim case.

✔  Protective: These cases are made to keep your phone safe from drops and scratches. They're often made of rubber, plastic, or metal, and they might have features like raised edges to protect the screen.

✔  Lightweight cases: These cases are usually made from plastic or silicone and offer moderate protection from everyday wear and tear. They're often thinner and more form-fitting, making them a good choice if you want a sleek case that doesn't add too much bulk to your phone.

✔  Scratch-resistant: These cases are usually made from materials like plastic or silicone, and they help to protect your phone from everyday wear and tear.

✔  Waterproof: These cases are ideal if you're looking for extra protection against water damage. They're typically made from materials like PVC or TPU, and they can help to keep your phone dry in wet conditions.

✔  Shockproof: Shockproof phone cases are designed to protect your phone from impact damage. They're usually made from materials like silicone or rubber, and they can help to cushion your phone if you drop it. For more help, if the worse thing happens and you drop your phone, head over to our other helpful article I've dropped my phone: tips, prevention, hacks add a link to the article

✔  Stylish: These cases come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find one that matches your style.

✔  Fashionable: You can find phone cases with all sorts of designs, from abstract patterns to licensed characters. These cases are all about style, and they come in a variety of materials, including wood, leather, and fabric. They often don't offer much protection, but they can be a great way to show off your style.

✔  Functional: Some phone cases come with additional features like built-in credit card holders or kickstands. These types are perfect if you're looking for a case that does more than just protect your phone.

So before you can decide on which style to go for, you might want to think about a few things first, so you can get the best one to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

Choosing the one for you usually depends on:

  • How much protection do you need
  • What type of phone do you have
  • What kind of activities do you do with your phone?
  • Your style

So probably the most important out of all of those considerations is the amount of protection you need.

A stylish phone case that is made up of high quality TPU material. Protect your phone with style using a durable, dual-layered case that offers maximized protection and looks. The outer shell is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, while the inner lining sports TPU lining for maximum impact absorption. Keep your phone fashionable and safe all year round! 

How much protection do you need?

This is an important consideration, especially if you're prone to dropping your phone.

If you're looking for maximum protection, you'll want to choose a case that covers the entire phone. If you're not as worried about drops, a simpler case may be enough.

For those of you active with a phone or are in an environment where your phone is susceptible to damage, you might want to consider a case that offers more protection.

Heavy-duty cases are typically made of silicone, rubber, or polycarbonate and can provide extra shock absorption.

If you're more careful with your phone and only use it occasionally, a lighter-duty case might suffice.

And of course, if you're all about fashion, you'll want to choose a phone case that shows off your style.

Some phone cases also come with additional features, like a built-in stand or credit card holder.

If you use your phone for business or travel a lot, these might be features that are worth considering.

When it comes to choosing the perfect phone case, it depends on your individual needs and preferences. But with so many options available, you're sure to find one that's just right for you.

What kind of phone case do you want?

Once you've decided on the level of protection you need, it's time to start thinking about style. Do you want a clear case so you can show off your phone's design?

Or are you looking for a phone case with a bit more personality? Maybe you want a case with a floral design or one that shows off your favorite team's colors.

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at some of the most popular phone case styles:

  • Clear cases
  • Patterned cases
  • Metallic cases
  • Wooden cases
  • Leather cases

Cost is always a consideration whatever you are looking to buy and phone cases are no different!

How much are you willing to spend?

Phone cases can range in price from a few dollars to over $100. If you're looking for a simple clear case, you can probably find one for under $10.

But if you want something more elaborate, be prepared to spend a bit more. Some of the most expensive styles are made with luxury materials like leather or wood.

If just looking for something basic, there are plenty of affordable options available.

The protective types are often the priciest since they offer the most comprehensive coverage.

 But there are also cheaper styles that can still provide a decent level of protection.

A simple screen protector might cost a few dollars, while a full-body case with a built-in screen protector can be upwards of $5.

How often do you change your phone case?

Some people like to change their phone case often, while others prefer to stick with one style for a longer time.

If you're the type who likes to switch things up often, then you might want to consider buying multiple cases or investing in a phone case that's easier to change.

\What other factors are important to you?

Once you've considered the above factors, there are a few other things you might want to keep in mind when choosing a phone case.

For example, some people prefer cases that offer additional protection against drops and scratches, while others prioritize style over function.

Consider what's most important to you and use that as a guide when making your final decision.

How much does the case weigh?

If you're someone who is constantly on the go, you may want to consider a lighter case to avoid adding extra weight to your bag or pocket.

The lightest is not always the best choice in terms of protection, but it's something to keep in mind if weight is a major concern for you.

Do you need a screen protector?

In addition to a phone case, you may also want to consider investing in a screen protector. This can help safeguard your phone against scratches, cracks, and other damage.

If you're someone who is particularly hard on their phone, a screen protector is something to consider.

How easy is the case to put on and take off?

If you're constantly swapping out cases, you'll want one that's easy to take on and off. Some cases snap on, while others require a bit more effort to remove.

Some phone cases are designed to be disposable, while others can last for years.

If you're someone who likes to switch up their look frequently, you'll probably need to replace your phone case more often.

"Phone case is another expression of aesthetics”

To end on...

How to pick the perfect phone case depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a phone case.

There are many different types and styles of phone cases available so take some time to think about what you need before making a purchase.

Have fun choosing and enjoy your new phone case! Don't forget to check out our store before you go to find the perfect case for you and your phone!

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